¿Por qué no los dos?


¿Por qué no los dos? I’ll tell you why not los dos, chola. Porque hard shell tacos are not Mexican, so no matter what el bad commercial says, crunchy tacos are NOT “Mexican style” and they’ve never divided Mexicans.

So mija, regresate back con tu grandma because para el acting nomás no la haces, you know what I mean vato loco?

Great response to “Twitter saves lives in Mexico”


After 16 days of being published, my article “Twitter saves lives in Mexico” continues to be within the Top 5 “Most popular articles” on Americas Quarterly. Read the article here.

Thanks to each and every one of you who’ve made this possible by forwarding, sharing, retweeting, etc. the article to your friends and colleagues. I am humbled by the great response and it makes me a lot more accountable for future articles. I do hope you continue reading my posts on my AQBlog feed at http://americasquarterly.org/user/2149

Thanks for checking them out! Here’s a quick list of my participations on Americas Quarterly (from last to first):



I’m not an enthusiast.


There’s stuff I like and crap that I don’t… But I’ve come to the conclusion that people who are “comic book enthusiast” or “hiking and smelling weird plant while reading poetry enthusiast” commit to hobbies much more than they should. I like to keep my options open and not “over-enthuse” about anything.