Italy: Say you’re sorry!


After watching this video, my conclusion is as follows:

The Foreign Ministry of Italy needs to get to work ASAP and write a formal diplomatic note to the UK, apologizing for this piece of crap.

I would thank Eddie González for sharing this video with me but I think it has caused me irreparable psychological damage, so NO THANK YOUs this time!

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Tus impuestos, trabajando a favor de Brand EPN.


Una imagen digna de la categoría “Wow… Really?” en mi blog.



En los medios de comunicación existe el OWN media, EARNED media y PAID media. Si lo hubiera puesto Televisa sería OWN media. Si se lo hubiera ganado en base a sus grandiosas contribuciones al bienestar del país sería EARNED.

Nos queda una opción.

Star Wars Holiday Special vs. Santa Christ


Creo que después de las noticias del paquete económico 2014, necesitamos un distractor… un video que grite WTF tan fuerte que nos haga olvidar por un momento nuestra triste realidad. Me sirvió a mí, les servirá a ustedes….

Además, creo que nos da buenas noticias respecto a las películas de Star Wars que hará Disney: ¡no hay manera que sean peores que el Star Wars Holiday Special! (Sí, es de 25 minutos pero vale la pena… lo prometo.)

George Lucas, ¡presta para andar igual!

That’s what makes you beautiful – Annotated Version


I was recently exposed to my first taste of One Direction’s “music” and so now I can comfortably say that I have sufficient knowledge of their art form to provide credible opinion. I believe that short of William Shakespeare and The Beatles, One Direction is the greatest thing to come out of the UK.

Simply put, their lyrics are the closest to poetry that I’ve ever seen digitally reproduced in a cheap, Chinese-made MP3 player. I believe direct interpretation in itself would be a lackluster analysis of their hit song “What makes you beautiful.” Hence, in the following lines, I would like to provide a carefully annotated version of this song’s lyrics in order to provide the reader with a better understanding of One Direction’s grandeur.

Without further ado,