Greyhound airlines!


I thought this type of crap only happened on Greyhound buses. I guess the economy is picking up… the crazies are now affording airplane tickets.

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Don’t pull my finger while on the bus


America. The land of freedom, hamburgers… and farts. But maybe not for long.

The old and admired American tradition of “pull my finger” may eventually come to an end, that is if Ohio’s Canal Winchester Middle School gets its way.

Last week I told you about a dweeb who got suspended for putting up a sign on the side of a school wall asking an ugly girl to go to the prom with him. Now, 13-year-old Anthony Nichols and a classmate face suspension for what is being called an obscene gesture,  after their bus driver reported the boys for passing gas on the bus. (More on the story here).

Parents, with schoolboards getting so antsy and anal about breaking wind (pun intended), my suggestion is you remove beans, broccoli and brussel sprouts from your child’s diet… effective immediately.