That’s why you never get a guy!


A chubby eating pie?

1. What’s with the anti-beer commercial? I’m fat so I have beer in the house in order to get laid? Really?

2. If hottie wants water, why doesn’t she just drink it out of the faucet?

3. How many ass shots do you need to get your point across?

4. She never gets a guy because she’s eating a pie? Does that make you cry? Why? I don’t want to lie, because when I start to fly, I gotta reach the sky. Oh my.

5. Gym Superhero guy has beer goggles?

6. What acting school did these people go to?

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As a general rule… On Tequila


As a general rule, Tequila should be a reason for every Mexican to feel pride about his/her country. It is an exquisite, exclusive and distinguished drink.

For this reason, Tequila should always bear a proud strong brand name, be presented in an elegant glass bottle and provide elite experiences to its drinkers.

Tequila Don Timbón Joven: Shame on you.