Douchebag of the week award


This week is a special one at the Douchebag awards committee’s boardroom. For the first time, all members unanimously decided to make an exception and give out not one, but two coveted douchies. Though the usual modus operandi is to give out only one douchie, this time the recipients really did it as a team effort.

So without further ado, we present this week’s two douchebags!

And the double douchie goes to………… (drumroll)

Kathy Witterick and her husband David Stocker!

Kathy and David are a couple from Toronto who decided that they wanted to promote equal rights and sexual diversity, so when they had their baby, they decided to keep its gender a secret from everyone. They screwed the baby’s life by calling it/he/she “Storm” and I’m guessing nobody changes its/his/her diaper except them and they do it in a dark room where nobody can see if Storm has a penis or a vagina.

That’s right, apparently the kid is going to be raised as an asexual being until it/he/her either grows boobs or figures out what that thing hanging in between its/his/her legs is for.

Here’s a picture of Storm:

And here’s the full story.

Last but not least, here’s a chance for you to speak your mind about this week’s Douchebag award

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