Some people are anal about blogging…


I love having this blog. It gives me a space for free expression, a means to apply creativity outside of the box and a way to share amusing or interesting content with friends and the public in general. Most of my readers come in directly by typing or from links in Facebook, Twitter or emails someone forward to them… but some, end up here because they were looking for something else on a search page.

One thing I love about WordPress is the fact that it gives me reports on the search terms being used to get to the info I post here. Most of the times they are pretty much dead on. They are looking for a topic I blogged about.

HOWEVER, sometimes, looking at these search terms becomes a lot more fun. This feature lets me know that people coming to my blog are balanced individuals searching for knowledge. Like the last three people on the following report:

Hey, are you looking for anuses? I suggest heading to You’re bound to find some THERE!

“Twitter saves lives in Mexico” aftershock


 Yesterday morning, Americas Quarterly published my article “Twitter saves lives in Mexico”. Apparently the story hit home to a lot of people because it has since gone viral being republished and shared on social networks and the internet at a massive scale (at least I think so anyways).

 I’m glad so many people have found this story interesting. Here is part of the aftershock:

  1. Within a couple of hours, the piece had gone to #1 Most popular on AQ Online.
  2. NBC San Antonio is going to run a report on it sometime next week.
  3. The story was referenced by Hispanic Tips – Hispanic and Latino News Redefined.
  4. NotiSensor translated it into Spanish and republished it here.
  5. Pakistan Voices discussed and linked the story here.
  6. Global Voices promoted the article via Twitter and their website here.
  7. talked about the article here.
  8. BuzzBox caught the story and linked it through its Twitter account and via its website.
  9. BuzzTracker also found its way to it and promoted it here.
  10. Twitter users have retweeted the story with impacts over 200,000 just on the first day.  

 The most important thing to remember: the story is only possible due to the fact that we have people behind user accounts like @TrackMty, @SPSeguro and @MAGS_SP helping others be safe. Once again, thanks to them.