Arab search


So I was checking out my blog statistics and I clicked on my “Search terms” list in order to see what visitors to my blog are googling and they finally end up here.

I got a bit worried when I saw that today, two people reached this blog by searching for:

بيتزا دومينوز

But thankfully, Google Translate let me know that these guys where just looking for a “Domino’s Pizza.” Yes, my life is average.

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Dear Border Authorities…


Dear Border Authorities at a US-Mexico crossing:

You should NEVER trust Google Translate to do your translating for you.

I mean… c’mon guys, it’s not like you don’t have a bunch of Mexicans waiting around to get a permit from you. All you had to do is ask if what your sign says made any sense or not. For all you non-bilingual folks, the part in spanish says “Speed of bump in the front.”