Sorry, my mistake. Royalty does have its perks.


I guess the royal wedding was not so boring after all…

Check her out!



I was looking for inspiration for some future blog posts in other wordpress blogs and I stumbled onto this blogger’s profile pic.

She focuses on drawing and writing about drawing. It’s riveting.

Plus, her profile pic is fun AND sexy. I needed to share this with you.


Finally over!


Ok, they had their 5 minutes of worldwide TV… a bunch of people on this side of the planet lost their sleep to watch boring people getting married… It’s over.

Enough of these two clowns:


Thank you, your lives and future as King and Queen taking absolutely no relevant decisions with regards to actually governing England no longer matter. You can now dedicate your time to crucial meetings… say with a dentist, maybe?

Please rate this dance


Ok guys, I need your help to establish an opinion with regards to the following material:

¡Gracias Rayados! Campeones otra vez


Konichiwa watashi wa, Rayados des.

Felicidades al mejor club y la mejor afición de México. Rayados Campeón de la Concacaf y con destino a Japón al Mundial de Clubes.

Saco la bandera y unos trapos y la vieja playera. La que usó mi papá. La de grandes rayas, no trae publicidad. Abre otra cerveza y alza el tarro, vamos a festejar que vamos a ganar. ¡UNA NUEVA ESTRELLA nuestro escudo traerá!

Suelta la garganta, corazón en mano hay que alentar. No hay que dar paso atrás. De azul y blanco hay que pintar la ciudad.

Comprendo tu envidia soy Rayado y lo siento por ti, soy Rayado a morir. Con la frente en alto pasaré sobre ti.

Little Debbie, the drug lord


Don’t get me wrong, I think we should seriously discuss the legalization of marihuana in Mexico. I think it is a less harmful drug than commercial cigarettes and if it would cut down on the violence related to its current use, I’m all for it…

But Little Debbie is taking this a bit too far, a bit too early. Yesterday I spotted these babies in the local supermarket. Little Debbie: pushing special brownies targeting children? Bad Debbie, that’s a Bad Debbie!!!

Stupid quinceañera…


You mess with the bull, you get the horns.
You play with fire, you get burned!

1. Please somebody explain what the hell the quinceañera was doing carrying a tray of flaming drinks in the first place.

2. Did nobody in the dance ever hear about Stop, drop and roll???? What the hell, man?