Go watch “The Book Thief”


tumblr_mtvwg5bean1rsh471o1_1280Go watch “The Book Thief”

This film has a wonderful story, incredible music (John Williams), impeccable photography, great acting and the best casting work I’ve seen in a long time.

It is because of this great casting that you end up falling in love with the characters and involving yourself in their journey.

It is a shame that The Book Thief does not have more Academy Award nominations. It is in so many ways superior to American Hustle, Wolf of Wall Street and Gravity (which by the way, sucks).

Seriously, don’t let this one pass you by and GO SEE IT in the movie theaters.

To paraphrase Max, one of the characters in the film, this movie will remind you of your humanity. 

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Do you remember that movie “Splash!”, about a mermaid in New York and starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah? Here’s the pitch for filming Splash 2… it’ll be a great sequel. Tom and Daryl will have found some freakish way to actually reproduce. They’ll have a weird merbaby who will only be able to shut up and sleep if he’s placed under running water all night. It’ll be Three men and a baby meets The Little Mermaid. An instant hit and totally believable, right?

No? What’s that I hear? You think it’s not something people would believe?

Ok, maybe I’ll just share this YouTube video with you instead.