Justin Bieber needs to listen to grandpa


There was a time when people respected and listened to their elders. In some oriental cultures, the oldest man in the family is considered a wiseman. And this is why:

Grandpa is a true genius. I can honestly say that I agree 100% with all of his commentary, especially the part where he says he’s got class… oh, and the mention of the backyard boys.

Cool Old Dude Awards 2011


It’s that time of the year again… yes, that time when we honor that sacred tradition and give out the coveted award of “Cool Old Dude 2011.”

This year’s winner will go home with $5 dollars, courtesy of our sponsors at Jody’s Pawn Shop and Fine Cuisine.

Here are this year’s nominees:

Please cast your vote in the box below. Thank you for participating in 2011’s Cool Old Dude Awards. And remember, “Jody’s Pawn Shop and Fine Cuisine: because if you’ve got an old watch you want to get rid off, we have a bowl of bean soup for y’all”