It’s my birthday so please… Give a little bit.


Today, December 30th, is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. This year, I want to try to make the day count so please, if you can, indulge me on my very special day by giving a little bit.

Your generosity would be my greatest birthday gift and I would be extremely thankful if you could take a couple of minutes to consider donating to one of the following organizations/causes:

VOLUNTARY DONATIONS (These are organizations I’ve either donated to, worked with and/or know well enough to trust. Their work is really valuable and worthy of your generosity)

FREE DONATIONS (All you have to do is CLICK and companies will donate for you)

Since I do not monitor traffic to any of these sites, there will be no way for me to know if you donated to them or not but in all truth, me knowing about it is not the objective so I’m ok with that. But hopefully you were able to take 2 minutes of your time on my birthday and through small but significant actions, help make a change.

Want to do more? Tell your friends about this project! Invite them to participate!

Happy birthday to me and thanks!