Epic Xmas Moments


This year we decided (awesome wife’s idea) to give my dad an LP record player. The best surprise was him pulling out his first-owned vinyl, a 1956 Elvis Presley album. Listening to this with him today was EPIC.  

Just stay here tonight


I saw this group on a late night show two nights ago. I did not know of them or this song before (I’m guessing they are relatively new or I’ve been living inside a cave), but it’s good quality music I had not heard in a while with the new groups coming out recently so I decided to share it with you. The group is called Augustana and the song is “Just stay here tonight.” I hope you enjoy it.

Jesus was a hippie


Here’s a great song by Soul Asylum you’ve probably never heard. Why? Because it was a hidden track in an album that very few of us bought. After the 90’s, Soul Asylum niched and the mainstream likely only remember them as the guys who sang “Runaway Train”, but their music remained awesome. You can find “Fearless leader” as a hidden track to “Slowly Rising” in the album “Silver Lining.”

Sorry for the crappy animations, it’s the only version I found online.