As Gabby Giffords steps down…


As Gabby Giffords steps down from Congress, I would like to honor her decision by exposing and remembering that religious extremist fanaticism is behind much of the hatred that is ruining civil society not only in the US, but worldwide.

We have made great progress in spreading tolerance among much of our youth. Technology has actually helped bring people together and one would think this would mean it has allowed us to create a more peaceful, worldview. Unfortunately, technology  has also given the crazies a soundboard and allowed them to congregate and cluster.

This creates a hard but necessary decision. While I am all for tolerance and free speech, I have to conclude that tolerance must have its limits. Paradoxically, we cannot be tolerant towards intolerance. When I see something like the following video, I can’t bring myself to saying “it is Mr. Phelps’ right to spread hatred like this.”

Maybe it is his right. Maybe there’s no legal way to stop these nutjobs from saying their crap. Maybe the only resource we have against them is the same free speech that allows him to reach an audience with such stupid remarks. If that is the case, then let me go ahead and exercise my free speech: SCREW YOU WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH. Thanks for listening.

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