Happy 50,000th!


This blog has just hit the 50,000 visits mark since I first started writing it. Coincidentally, it happened on the same day as my 10,000th tweet from @arjanshahani

Traffic is erratic and different people from different countries gravitate here for different content and different reasons, but on any given weekday, anywhere from 200 to a 1000 of you grace me with a visit to this space where I can share web content I find entertaining and amusing, provide you with my own bit of personal humor and satire and/or share my true opinion through Op-Eds or sociopolitical essays.

It’s developed into a nice little personal corner of mine on the web and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I appreciate your comments, ping backs, visits, retweets on Twitter, re-posts and shares on Facebook and any other ways in which you have helped bring more people to the site.

I truly hope that through these little over 50,000 hits I’ve been able to at the very least, provide you with some entertainment. At best, I hope your visit here has become a starting point of a deeper conversation and my “True Opinion” articles have inspired you to think or act differently.

Anyways, cheers to all of you and the humblest of thanks for your visits and input. You kick ass.

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