My first Half-Marathon


I was born with asthma and a number of respiratory problems. I was also allergic to around 40 different substances (both food and environmental).

When I was a kid, I looked like one of those “For twelve dollars a month you can sponsor this child” TV commercials. I was skinny and had below average muscle tone.

Because of my asthma I could not be as active a kid as I would have wanted to be. Trying too hard meant a possible attack which if you’ve had one, you know it feels like you’re dying because you simply can’t breathe.

The asthma attacks eventually went away but something that had a larger effect lingered: I think I was about 8 years old when a doctor told me and my mom that “this kid will never stand out physically.” For a while and mostly because of the fear of my asthma creeping up on me, I believed this. That was my mistake.

I may not have the DNA to be the next Michael Jordan and it has surely taken me longer than most would consider admirable, but yesterday I once again proved to myself that hard work, determination, perseverance and believing in what is possible, makes all the difference. I did this for myself, for my wife and children and for many people who supported my goal and motivated me to achieve it.

No, I did not climb up Mount Everest or break any world record but yesterday I broke my OWN personal record and for now, that’s good enough.

Yesterday I ran my first half-marathon. And that doctor who never believed I could do it, can kiss my ass.



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