Cost of Learning


Excelente blog post de Arturo San Vicente. El liderazgo se da a punta de madrazos…

Arturo San Vicente

I know I haven’t been writing for a long time now, but I just wanted to find a quick way to get back on the horse and share with you something that has worked for me in the last couple of years, to then find out that I’m not alone in this quest.

Some may call it investing, some may call it education, I kicked the tires and called it “cost of learning”.

2 years ago, I had recently graduated form college, was working in a well known corporate office, read tons of books about business and innovation, but it all wasn’t cutting it.

Not that books, a good job and a college degree are not good, don’t take me wrong, I think that these experiences have helped me in a big way in my life. But I still felt like I needed to learn more about business. I could’ve…

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