Think Equal!


Cool WorldBank video (thanks ASM for sharing):

It’s that simple. Let’s think equal, but more importantly, let’s ACT equal. In whichever way you can, in your own sphere of influence, promote gender equality.

Don’t fall in the trap of promoting affirmative action. That is not gender equality. I understand that some people feel that in order to change a culture that is submissive towards women you need to force quotas on them. It might work in the surface, but you’re not really addressing the problem. Quotas will not create acceptance or constructive inclusion. They will cause resentment and unequal treatment. Basically, the turn the problem around 180° and provide a unfavorable situation for men. Quotas also condescend women by creating an uneven playing field so that they can excel, as if they did not have the capability to do so by themselves.

Instead of forcing affirmative action, create situations where both men and women are empowered and provided opportunities to thrive based on their merit. Believe me, women will not disappoint you if you do.

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